MaixPy Guide

MaixPy is an open source MicroPython project based on the Sipeed M1 platform. It supports a variety of peripherals on the Sipeed M1. It is designed to make programming easier. This chapter will detail how to use the MaixPy API.

Sipeed M1

Please read about the information on Sipeed M1.

For introduction and download of MaixPy, please go to MaixPy-github and read

If you have any questions or suggestions about MaixPy, please go to the MaixPy bbs to post suggestions and discuss with other developers.


This article will assume that you have read the sdk introduction on github and Lichee Dan’s wiki, and already have some python knowledge.But we will still try our best to explain the details of the MaixPy API. MaixPy’s API will continue to be updated, please pay close attention to our github or this tutorial for the latest API introduction. This tutorial will introduce the machine module, uos module and apps module related to the Sipeed M1 platform.

Chapter directory

The directory structure of this tutorial is divided into the following chapters.

MaixPy is still growing and improving. You have more and better suggestions for API , software bugs, documentation, etc. We welcome you to give your valuable suggestions on the Sipeed M1 bbs

At the same time, we welcome you to join the LicheePi Telegram group to communicate with many developers and enthusiasts.